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Advanced Veterinary Specialists

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Where can I find more information about veterinary specialists?

Below is a list of websites we feel are a good starting point.

Does my pet need to fast before the appointment?

Yes, unless your pet has diabetes mellitus or is otherwise instructed by our staff. Some blood tests, ultrasounds, and any procedure requiring sedation or anesthesia are best performed on patients who have fasted.

Will my pet be given sedation during the visit?

Only when necessary. Sedation may be used for procedures that require a patient to be still and relaxed. Sedation also has analgesic effects (pain relief) which can make your pet more comfortable.

What does a consultation include?

The consultation will include a meeting with you and your pet, taking a full history from you, reviewing previous diagnostic results, then performing a physical examination and any agreed-upon diagnostics. After completion of the diagnostics, we will meet with you again to go over the results and give verbal and written recommendations.

How long will my appointment be?

Most appointments last about one hour for the initial consultation and physical examination. If further diagnostics are pursued, we will let you know at that time how long we will need your pet to stay with us.

What should I bring to my pet’s appointment?

Bring all medications your pet is currently on or has recently taken. If you cannot bring the actual medications, please write down the name of the medication, the dose (often in “mg” or “mg/ml”), the number of tablets/capsules/mls, and how often it is given.

Bring any recent radiographs (X-Rays)

Please ask your veterinarian to fax or email a copy of your pet’s record prior to your appointment. The fax number is (805) 965-8387 and our email for records is [email protected]. If possible, bring the completed New Client Registration Form and Patient History Form found on the Self-Service Portal page.

How does my veterinarian receive information about our visit to AVS?

A copy of the full record, including diagnostic results, will be faxed or emailed to your veterinarian.

How do I get results of diagnostics performed by AVS?

If you had a consultation with an AVS veterinarian, we will phone you once the results have returned to us. Further recommendations will be made at that time.

If a doctor-to-doctor consultation was performed, your veterinarian will give you the results of the diagnostics.

When should you request a referral to an ACVIM board certified veterinary specialist?

  • Your pet’s disease is uncommon, complicated, or undiagnosed after standard testing.

  • You would like an informed, neutral second opinion of your pet’s condition.

  • The outcomes of the current treatments are not going well or as expected.

  • Your pet requires a sophisticated procedure that is offered by a specialty hospital.

  • Your pet can benefit from 24-hour monitoring provided by a referral hospital.